Angelina Jolie dishes on being covered in live bees for National Geographic

Angelina Jolie can proudly say her stunt work extends beyond the set of “Those Who Wish Me Dead” and into the world of bees. As in: live bees, buzzing happily while crawling all over her in the name of photojournalism and bee conservation. A spokesperson for the 2021 Women for Bees program, Angelina recently posed for National Geographic in a photo inspired partly by an iconic Richard Avedon shot of a beekeeper. The Nat Geo pic and video features the actress clad in an off-the-shoulder dress as the bees climb around on her. The photo shoot was designed to promote awareness about the current destruction of the global bee population — fun fact, a third of the world’s food supply depends on bees to pollinate crops — but it was also dangerous. According to Dan’s Instagram, he used a trained beekeeper to “calm” the Italian bees on the set while an entomologist provided a special bee pheromone, which Dan applied to Angelina wherever he “wanted bees to congregate.” As she recalled to Nat Geo, “It was so funny to be in hair and makeup and wiping yourself with pheromone. We couldn’t shower for three days before, because they told me, ‘If you have all these different scents, shampoos and perfumes and things, the bee doesn’t know what you are.'” She said her ears and nostrils were also plugged to keep bees out (shudder). “I did have one that got under my dress the entire time. It was like one of those old comedies,” Angelina recalled. “I kept feeling it on my knee, on my leg, and then I thought, Oh, this is the worst place to get stung. It’s getting really close. It stayed there the entire time we were doing the shoot. And then when I got all the other bees off, I lifted the skirt and he went away.”


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