Blake Shelton reveals the song he and Gwen Stefani are planning for their wedding’s first dance

After Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani say “I do,” they’re planning to hit the dance floor with an ’80s throwback from John Hughes’ cult classic, “Pretty In Pink.” Blake revealed the couple’s first dance track during a chat with Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show” on May 19. “What’s your first song? Can you tell me?” Jimmy asked, per People. After Blake joked, “I think it’s called ‘The Wedding March,'” Jimmy pushed a little more. “At the reception, you come out of a fog machine,” he cracked, mocking the would-be fanfare. “‘Here is Mr. & Mrs. Blake Shelton!’ We hear you come out — ‘And now, it’s time for the couple’s first dance’ — then what do we hear?” Blake gave in. “It’s ‘If You Leave’ from the Pretty In Pink soundtrack,” he said. Pulling up the 1986 O.M.D. song on his phone, he added, “I swear I have it right here. We’ve talked about this, we both love the song. We’re both fans of the ’80s, why not, why not?” Jimmy was clearly excited by the idea and sang along with Blake to a few bars. “I love it, if that’s for real,” he told his guest. “Now I can make it to the wedding, by the way, I’m very available.”


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