Tiffany Haddish addresses rumors she could take over for Ellen DeGeneres

Tiffany Haddish is aware of rumors suggesting she could be poised to take over for Ellen DeGeneres when “Ellen” comes to an end next year. But as the comic explained on “The Breakfast Club” this week, she’s never been approached by NBC brass about making her occasional fill-in hosting spots permanent. “I haven’t commented on it because ain’t nobody that give those jobs talk to me about it,” she joked on the radio show, according to E! News. “The reason I’ve even been popping up guest hosting ‘Ellen’ is because she wanted some days off. I’m learning a new skill. That’s it. Y’all just watching me learn in front of everybody.” Adding that she’s not sure guest-hosting equates to being “groomed” for Ellen’s long held role, Tiffany quipped she’d consider taking over “if I could get what Ellen getting.” Ellen, who was reportedly earning $50 million a year for her eponymous talk show as of 2017, announced earlier this month she’ll sign off from daytime after next season. Tiffany, meanwhile, already has her hands full, with six-plus projects,. “I’m in work mode right now,” she told “The Breakfast Club” hosts. “I’m in create mode, opportunity mode for others right now.”


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