Pixel Leap Pro Is a Skill-Based Competitive Mobile Game with Real Cash Prizes

Pixel Leap Pro is a cheerful casual game with some serious pedigree.

Its developer, Wonderfull Games, has a resume that includes Sony Psygnosis, Ubisoft Montreal, and Electric Square (the Forza series).

Plus, it’s a fun platformer that lets you win money. You should be downloading it right now.

Gameplay-wise, the concept is straightforward. You’re in control of a little block, but only just. This block sweeps back and forth across the screen automatically, and the screen itself is always scrolling down to make way for a rising lake of deadly lava.

All you can do is jump, by tapping anywhere on the screen. The aim is to keep ascending the stages and avoiding the lava, collecting as many gems as possible in the process.

And that’s it.

Except it’s not. Wonderfull has crammed absolutely every conceivable trick, twist, and gimmick into Pixel Leap Pro’s gameplay. As you scramble to climb the stages you’ll encounter bouncepads, Super Mario World-esque rockets, sliding platforms, bubbles that splatter paint when they pop, and more.

It all looks great, too, with subtly effective lighting and paint-spatter effects that are pleasingly reminiscent of Q-Games’s awesome PixelJunk Shooter.

You can spend the gems you collect on new skins for your cuboid hero, while your performance determines your place on a leaderboard. And, thanks to the game’s Skillz integration, if you do well enough against your human rivals you’ll be in line for a cash prize, making this a true eSports casual game.

And if you’re not in the mood to compete, you can always play Pixel Leap – Color Gauntlet. It’s a single-player sister app that lets you experience Pixel Leap’s innovative, tightly honed gameplay without stage fright – thanks to the added bonus of collectible boosters such as flying wingers, a shield and a double jump.

You can download Pixel Leap Pro and Pixel Leap – Color Gauntlet for free right now on the iOS App Store.


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