On the May 12 episode of the “Hollywood Raw” podcast, Audrina Patridge finally confirmed longstanding rumors that she once dated Chris Pine. They met at an award show in Las Vegas about a decade ago, she revealed. “He came up to me and introduced himself to me and gave me his number, and all the girls were kicking me under the table like, ‘Oh my God, you don’t know who that is?’ I’m like, ‘No.’ They’re like, ‘That’s Chris Pine.’ I was like, ‘Oh, he’s hot,'” she recalled, adding that they went out “more than a few times” but ultimately discovered they didn’t have enough in common to make a relationship work. Explained the reality star, “I was filming ‘The Hills’ all the time and his career was taking off and he didn’t like the whole paparazzi side of it. And that was my life: going out. And I was followed by paparazzi. So being on ‘The Hills,’ our lives [were] completely opposite and just so different. … He was more a real actor — like a theater actor — and loved to read books and jazz music and didn’t really like to go out to clubs or anything like that. And at that time in my life, that’s all I was doing was going out to clubs because we were filming [‘The Hills’] all the time.” She went on to call him “a nice guy,” “very charming” and a “gentleman.” She then revealed they shared a smooch during a dinner date at an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles … where the “Star Trek” star noshed on squid ink pasta that turned his lips black. “I remember he was eating it, and he had black on his lips when he licked them. He’s like, ‘You’re so beautiful. Can I kiss you?’ And I was like, ‘OK.’ So I kissed him with the black ink. Whatever. I didn’t care. I’ll never forget that. It was a great kiss!” she recalled. They “kept in touch for a little bit” after that but haven’t seen each other “in so long,” she said. Audrina also noted on the podcast that she’s currently single and hasn’t dated anyone since she went out with Sean Stewart in late 2020.


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