Matt James is back to flaunting his love.

For the first time since reconciling with Rachael Kirkconnell last month, the former “The Bachelor” star posted a photo of his lady love to social media. The image shows her embracing a Black child while Matt happily looks on.

“The gift of conversation lies less in displaying it ourselves than in drawing it out of others 🙏🏾,” he captioned the May 27 Instagram post. “Today we began a series focused on financial literacy (savings accounts, what is crypto currency, budgeting, etc.) 🐷💰”

He added, “Our goal is (and always has been) to provide access to resources, individuals, & opportunities so that our students can make informed decisions for themselves and their families 🙌🏾.”

Matt also posted several photos with Rachael and the children as they participated in his ABC Food Tours program in New York City. Matt and his best friend and fellow Bachelor Nation alum Tyler Cameron founded the nonprofit.

“Today was a good day,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. Rachael posted the image to her Instagram Story with a similar quote.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The relationship between the duo has been complicated. Matt, the first Black lead of “The Bachelor,” picked Rachael on the season 25 finale of the ABC show, but he didn’t propose. Still, he said he was committed to Rachael and envisioned her as his wife. However, not long after the finale was filmed (but before it aired), three-year-old social media images surfaced that show Rachael at an Antebellum-themed party. She also “liked” other images that contained a Confederate flag and posted QAnon conspiracy theories online.

On the “After the Final Rose” special, Matt said he and Rachael were no longer together due to her past racist acts. While on the special, Matt said, “It’s heartbreaking. If you don’t understand that something like that is problematic in 2018, there’s a lot of me that you won’t understand. It’s as simple as that.”

Rachael acknowledged that she was still in love with Matt, but he appeared to squash any hopes of a reconciliation and said she needed to confront her racist actions and work on herself. With time, the wounds healed and they both confirmed that they are together again.


During an appearance on the “Pomp” podcast earlier this week, Matt said Rachael gave him an “ultimatum.”

“She was like, ‘If you’re going to make this work, let’s do it. But if you’re not going to make it work, I’m going to let you do your own thing,'” he said. “That’s really all I needed. It was an ultimatum that I needed. It’s been great. It was honestly a commitment that we made to each other that we were going to work on the relationship.”

He continued, “There came a point in time where it was evident that my working on the relationship looked different than Rachael’s because I wasn’t really honoring that commitment that I made to working on the relationship.”


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