Demi Lovato wants fans to stop complimenting them on their weight loss.

Getty Images for OBB Media

Over the weekend, Demi, who came out as non-binary recently and uses the pronouns they/them, said body conversation is triggering.

“Idk who needs to hear this but complimenting someone on their weight loss can be as harmful as complimenting someone on their weight gain in regards to talking to someone in recovery from an eating disorder,” the “Cool For The Summer” singer wrote on their Instagram Story. “If you don’t know someone’s history with food, please don’t comment on their body.”

Demi added, “Even if your intention is pure, it might leave that person awake at 2am overthinking that statement.”

In March, the former Disney star said they “accidentally” lost weight.

Demi hasn’t hidden the fact that they have suffered from an eating disorder in the past, even recently¬†getting into a squabble with a Los Angeles frozen yogurt shop.

When people make compliments on weight loss, Demi said the “eating disorder voice inside my head” can get the best of them.

“Moral of the story: I am more than the shell for my soul that is my body and everyday I fight to remind myself of that,” Demi wrote, “so I’m asking you to please not remind me that that is all people see of me sometimes.”


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