So, you want to democratize venture capital

A venture capitalist once told me candidly that whenever you see the phrase “democratization” in tech marketing material, think of it as a red flag. Democracy, generally speaking, often comes with an ironic caveat: It disproportionately benefits white and male participants. Now, you know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t start off your Saturday with this dreary of an introduction normally, but I think that that reality is why a new tool, championed by tech entrepreneurs Lolita and Josh Taub, could be on to something actually innovative.

Overlapping silhouettes of Hands in a watercolour texture.

The Taubs have launched a GP-LP, or general partner and limited partner, matching tool to help underrepresented fund managers get access to the capital they need to start their fund. The match-making tool connects those looking to raise funds (GPs!) with check-writers (LPs!). The move comes on the heels of their founder-investor matching tool, which to date has generated over 1,000 introductions that they say have led to 27 checks totaling nearly $4 million in total capital.

Yes, matching LPs to GPs is a relatively simple tech and concept. And this is a relatively simple experiment. But, it couldn’t have existed five, and definitely 10, years ago. Zoom investing has changed the way that people meet and vet, and I think the GP-LP tool is a key data point in how emerging fund managers can bring optionality to their fundraising process.


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