Many Need For Speed Games Are About To Be Erased From Reality

Publishers, like entropy, will eventually destroy everything. Rather than preserving their games like the works of art they should think they are, instead the instinct is more usually to go to enormous lengths to make them impossible to play. The latest victims of these murderous antics are many of the Need For Speeds released between 2006 and 2011.

Today, via Reddit (while most the English-speaking world is on a holiday), it’s been announced that Need For Speed: CarbonNeed For Speed: UndercoverNeed For Speed: ShiftShift 2: Unleashed and Need For Speed: The Run will be “retired”. Which I suppose is an apposite word, given they’ll be limping off the tracks as they leave digital storefronts today, and their servers switched off come the end of August.

The reasons given are the usual: that maintaining servers for the few remaining players is prohibitively expensive, and hey, look, they’ve released loads of (astoundingly poor) NFS games since then, so you could buy those instead!

“[T]he number of players has come to a point where it’s no longer feasible to continue the work behind the scenes required to keep [the games] up and running. We hope you have gotten many victories, satisfying drifts, moments of friendly rivalry, and hours of joy over the last few years out of these games. And we hope you’ll keep driving with us in one of our newer titles…”

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