New Edmonton store selling Amazon returns at liquidation-low prices

EDMONTON — For bargain-hunting lovers in Alberta, Amazon returns can now be purchased for liquidation-low prices at a store called Krazy Binz.

The discount store — found across Canada in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Hamilton, Kitchener and London — is known to sell thousands of products from brand name vacuums, hair tools, children’s games, foot massagers, home goods and mini fridges.

The store receives products from big box retailers that have over stocked their shelves, and from customers returning unwanted items.

The company says not even employees know what items will come through its doors.

Edmonton shoppers will see a 30-minute limit enforced at the store. There will also be a testing station for tech gadgets, and employees wearing bright vests will be available to assist shoppers. Shoppers will be allowed to buy as much as they can fit in an equivalent-size IKEA bag.

Samer Abualjeibad, Krazy Binz partner, calls the store a treasure-hunt-like experience with the bins containing hidden eggs. Inside is an expensive item that can be bought for the price of the day.

“You open the egg and there is an expensive item to buy for that day,” he said.

There is plenty of stock coming in from various major online retailers.

“On Thursday, Friday, Saturday we keep restocking so those three days you will find your treasures,” he said.

He lists some of the top finds including an iPhone, iPad, weighted blanket and security camera system.

Prime Day Thursday is the re-stock day where shoppers can find every single item in the bin priced at $25. Item pricing will drop throughout the week until items are priced at $1 by the following Wednesday.

While walk-ins are accepted, pre-bookings are highly recommended. Registration for the temporary Edmonton location at 11531 160 St. NW is available online. The store is set to open on Thursday.


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