Sony is set to bring PlayStation franchises to mobile

Sony is making plans to bring some of its PlayStation franchises to mobile, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed (via VGC).

Ryan was speaking at a recent Sony corporate strategy meeting, where he confirmed that Sony was planning on bringing some of their first-party IPs to mobile platforms.

“We have been thinking about how players enjoy our content and have had some early success with experimenting with mobile games and apps to provide more choice to gamers,” said Ryan. “Mobile is just one of the areas we are exploring to reach millions of gamers beyond our platforms.

“PlayStation has a huge catalog of diverse first-party IP that can transition to smartphone gaming and complement our AAA games or live service games. We are exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises so please stay tuned.

“Through investments in IP, Group collaboration within Sony, investment in Social and Mobile, we are excited for the opportunity to continue to expand our community and welcome millions of new gamers to the PlayStation family.”

In the same meeting, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida stated that services, mobile and social areas are “crucial” to growing the PlayStation audience. Ryan expanded on this, pointing to SIE’s collaboration with Sony Pictures to “adapt key game IP for film and tv entertainment,” including 10 projects that are currently in development.

Ryan also addressed the company’s recent investment in Discord, saying:

“Another important area is the convergence of Social and Entertainment, which is making communication an increasingly

critical component of entertainment. Our investment in Discord is another example of the convergence of social and entertainment; fan reception to this news has been positive, indicating a desire to expand the social aspects of gaming.”


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