City wants to charge you more to park all over Vancouver, especially if you have a luxury car

VANCOUVER — From overnight parking fees to extra charges for residents with larger, more expensive cars, the City of Vancouver is proposing to tax residents for parking just about everywhere in the city.

Residents would be charged an overnight fee of $45 a year if they park on the street, and visitors would be charged $3 a night.

The proposal is part of the city’s Climate Emergency Action Plan, designed to lower pollution and encourage people to buy electric vehicles, and residents can give their input on the plan online.

In addition to paying the yearly overnight fee, owners of new cars would be taxed more, depending on what they buy. Buyers of luxury cars, large SUVs and pick-ups purchased after 2023, would be charged $1,000 more per year.

Sporty sedans, as well as smaller and efficient SUVs would be taxed $500 extra a year.

Electric vehicles and hybrids would be exempt from the additional fees, but not the yearly $45 overnight fee. Some small economical gas-engine cars might also be exempt.

“So we’re really hoping people going out and looking at purchasing a new vehicle, are looking at low pollution vehicles,” said Paul Storer, the city’s Director of Transportation.

Residents in permit parking areas, would continue to pay that tax, and then any additional new-car fees, if applicable.

Storer said this is not a done deal. Instead, the public is being asked for input online through July 5.

City staff will then collect that information and submit the findings to mayor and council.

“Ultimately it’s council’s decision on whether to move ahead with all of it, or some of it, or none of it at all,” added Storer.

The city estimates it will raise $60 million over three years under the plan. Staff will suggest revenue be used to build more electric charging stations, sidewalks, curb ramps and more comfortable bike lanes. However it is up to council how that money will be spent.


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